HOW TO TREAT TATTOO – Everything you should know about New tattoo

Learn everything you should know about tattoo healing

What’s up guys, I hope you all are doing good. Today I am going to talk about “How to treat tattoo“. So, I thought I should cover this topic as well. So, I recently had another tattoo on my neck on the right side. So, what happened is, one of a friend wanted to have a tattoo too so I took him to the tattoo artist and he has a new tattoo on his forearm. So, he has lots of question regarding how to care newly tattooed skin and all the stuff and I was like wow, Why I didn’t think about covering such important topic on my blog. So here I am with complete series of how to treat your new tattoo. Yeah, that what I am going to name it. Hope you will enjoy this series and I will keep posting more and more about it.

How to treat tattoo - fresh tattoo redness
Either learn how to treat tattoo or get ready to face some itching and irritations.

So the table of content for this how to treat tattoo series is:

  1. How sensitive is your newly tattooed skin?

  2. Is it dangerous?

  3. How to protect my newly tattooed skin from germs and bacteria?

  4. Bandage, Seriously?

  5. Can I take shower?

  6. Can I go to the beach?

  7. Should I use Vaseline or Aquaphor?

  8. What to do when it starts itching?

  9. Why my new tattoo is burning like hell?

  10. For how long I should live like this?

Without wasting our time, let’s do this,


how to treat tattoo - heal new tattoo faster
Beautiful tattoo on a beautiful lady’s foot



So, as I mentioned I will cover all the things that you should know right before and after having your new tattoo and what you should do and don’t.

We usually love tattoos, but do we really know how tattoo affects our body? if you are curious about same then I have another article for you, you can check it from here.

How sensitive is your newly tattooed skin?

I will suggest you, follow as your tattoo artist says you to do.

From my understanding, newly tattooed skin is like a wound and It should be treated like the same. You should be more careful about your new fresh tattoo, there are so many things that should be done till it gets healed. I am going to cover all the important tips and tattoo hacks that you should know by now.

love fresh tattoo
Recently got love tattoo. Its time to learn how to treat tattoo

as you can see, redness is very common. you may find redness for a couple of days. It is totally fine. All you have to do is take care of it until it gets completely healed.


Is tattoo is dangerous for skin and health?

Healed tattoo? not at all.

Fresh Tattoo? definitely yes till it gets healed.

Don’t see your new tattoo as a tattoo. It is a wound that needs to be healed. a wound needs a lot of attention. you have to apply proper tattoo lotion( depends on what is available. it can be Aquaphor or Vaseline).

Important: It can go worst if you don’t pay enough attention to your tattoo until it gets completely healed. apply proper lotion on it. keep it away from sun and water for at least a week.


How to protect your newly tattooed skin from bacteria and germs?

The most important thing that you should do right after having your first tattoo is taking care of your fresh tattoo and tattooed skin until it gets healed.

Tips you should follow:

  • Pay attention to what your tattoo artist is suggesting you.
  • Use proper tattoo healing ointment.
  • you can also use vaseline if it is available at home (vaseline contains petroleum only but it can be used if you are running out of ointment).


Should I use a bandage?

Your tattoo artist will apply tattoo bandage on your tattoo and he may ask you to remove you in few hours. Once you remove the bandage, there is no need to reapply any other bandage. Leave it open. follow proper tattoo healing treatment suggested by your tattoo artist or mentioned in our community.

Important: Bandage should not be applied for more than 12 hours.



Can I take Shower, hot bath, swim?

Yes, you can take shower as long as your tattoo is not directly under the hot shower. However, you should avoid hot bath and swim for a couple of weeks.

How to treat tattoo - men taking shower after having new tattoo
Be cautious for few days right after having your new tattoo – How to treat tattoo guide



Can I go to the beach?

As I already mentioned, You can go anywhere all you have to do is keep your fresh tattoo away from direct sunlight and water. Happy beaching 😉


Should I use Aquaphor or Vaseline?

Ok, now lets talk about this. Most of asked me personally that should I use Aquaphor or Vaseline?

the answer is very simple, if you have a tattoo healing ointment like Aquaphor or any other lotion/cream then use it. but if you cannot afford such items then you can simply use vaseline which is easily available in the home.

aquaphor-vs-vaseline for tattoo
This is the time you should understand the real difference between Aquaphor and daily used Vaseline



What to do when it starts itching?

In first couple of days, you may find some irritating itching on your tattoo. That is common, you should now rub it hard. try to bear it, if you can’t them gently slap/tap your tattoo, it will give some relief. never ever make any contact between your nails and tattoo. it can cause some serious issue.


Why my new tattoo is burning like hell?

In the process of tattoo healing, you may find some burning on your tattooed skin area. It can be because of dryness and direct contact with sunlight or hot water. Try to maintain proper moisturizer on your tattooed skin. Do not rub your tattooed skin with nails.


For how long I should live like this?

You have to take care of your new tattoo for an at least couple of weeks. After 2-3 weeks you can go normal but keep apply tattoo healing ointment for at least a month.


yes, I forgot to tell you that I also record the same thing in the video so in case you are feeling lazy but still want to learn from this blog post then you can hear or download video embedded in this blog post. I have covered all the same points in that video. I love you all, hope you will love this content.