Behind the Ear Tattoos – 100+ Creative Ear Tattoo designs

Behind the Ear Tattoos gallery – 2017 Collection

Behind the Ear tattoos are very famous in western countries. These tattoos are usually adopted by women. Our Ear has 100% visibility so some people try to avoid direct tattoo visibility and that’s why they choose to get inked behind the ear.

“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”
― Johnny Depp

Some people always want to look different. They usually get inked to change appearance or something they do get inked for supporting their piercing. its all individual’s preference that where he/she want to get inked and why.

So, if you are one of the different kind of people then this AtoZ Tattoo gallery is only for you. This behind the ear tattoos collection contains some very popular ear tattoo designs. These designs are very trending in USA and UK.

What Behind the ear means?

The name Behind the ear explaining itself means between earlid and hairs or after the earlid.

Behind The Ear tattoos - Flying birds ear tattoo design idea
Behind The Ear tattoos – Flying birds ear tattoo design idea


Why people get inked behind the ear?

There are so many contradictory theories on this topic that why people choose behind the ear for ink. personally, in my opinion, it’s all individual’s preference and choice. an Individual decides where he wants to get inked. Some do it because they don’t like the direct visibility of tattoo on Inner Ear or Earlid. So do to support their piercing. At the end of the day, there is no perfect place to get inked. It’s all matter of personal choice.



Behind the Ear Tattoos Gallery – 2017 Exclusive collection

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