Cool Owl Tattoo Designs with Meaning – Symbol of intelligence and protection

The owl is also considered to be a symbol of protection and sacred knowledge.

I know there are so many beautiful birds out there that you can use as your next tattoo design but today we are going to see 69 cool Owl Tattoo Designs and Owl tattoo ideas that you can use or atleast can consider for your next tattoo. In this article there is a lightbox gallery embeded which contains 69 Owl tattoo designs.

Why Owl Tattoo?

Owl is a mythological bird. If we are talking about birds tattoos then we cannot deny the importance of owl tattoos because of its big eyes and innocent face. Owl is count as one of the intelligent bird in their species. It is also says that it is lucky bird and symbol of wisdom. So people thinks about getting owl tattoos on their body. These kinds of designs are attractive and cool .

Owl Tattoo Designs
Amazing Owl tattoo designs that you can consider for your next tattoo.

Owl tattoos are beautiful in their looks. They are attractive because of their looks. These are very stunning tattoo designs. There are many several meanings of owl tattoos like they are use to represents the traits and attributes of owl. Owl has power to see in the dark, they have deep connection to wisdom and knowledge. Feel free to use any of these owl tattoo as your next tattoo.

Owl Tattoo Designs and Ideas with Meaning

This gallery contains around 69 owl tattoo designs and ideas that you can easily download by clicking on the image and save it to your device. Print it out and give it to your Tattoo artist, he will do the rest.Feel free to drop your query (if any) in the comment section, I will try to reply as soon as I can.

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